Every New Day…

19 June 2010

She’s changing so much. I just saw a picture of her at one day old and her face is so different now. She’s had her very first cold this week, and she’s been much more fussy, but I’ve found extra patience. Where from, I’m not sure. Hope it stays around even after she’s better. I never knew I was so selfish before I had an entire little life completely dependent on me. I love her so much now. 🙂

She’s been rolling over more often. I have to watch her even more closely. Especially after falling off the couch and hitting her head, what a night! We went to the ER and they said she was fine, but it still hurt me that it happened. My little one was so scared and screamed so loud, because she had never been hurt before. Poor thing.

She’s also laughing, learning peek a boo, biting things (teething? not sure.), following me with her eyes like I’m the most important person in the world, and starting to taste new foods. She hasn’t really ingested much of the new solids, but I’ve had fun learning to make them, and she likes to lick ’em. I love the faces she makes.

Oh, and she’s all of a sudden started making the B and M sounds. She’s so interesting to listen to. It just clicked over night, and in the morning, instead of ahhhaaaahhhaahaaaaaaaaah, it was BabaaBBbbbaaaBaaaBaaaBaBaBAaaaah. Love it! It gives new meaning to calling God “Abba, Father!”

❤ Carla


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