One by One. Hurrah! Hurrah!…


31 May 2010

You are asleep upstairs in your nursery in the woodland friends swing we bought for you. I miss you, but you need a nap, so I’ll talk to you on here.

When you are older I’m sure you will wonder why it is we call you “bug”. We’ve taken to calling you “Emma-bug” from the very beginning I think. I started calling you “Boogie-bug” when you started to get the wiggles. I’m not sure exactly what prompted it. I might have been your tiny body with those big beautiful eyes you got from your Daddy. I think it may have also been that you look like a little caterpillar when we swaddle you, because you are a long little baby and you won’t allow us to swaddle your legs, just your arms. Anyway, you are our little “bug” and we love you very much!


(Title: The Ants Go Marching)


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