I Make Mashed Potatos…

03 September 2010

I am about to try this, within the week:

I am concerned about making a huge mess, and, well, not doing so well in the actual creation of yogurt. It claims that it is supposedly easy to do. We’ll just have to see.

I asked my MIL to help me. Mostly just so I can do something with her. We don’t really do much together. We do a lot with the whole family together, but not me and her. I don’t know whether that bothers me or not, I just realized it yesterday and asked her if she wanted to join in. She said her mom used to make yogurt and she would love to join us. So now it’s going to be three generations of women trying to create a dairy product for my little girl to eat. This should prove to be fun, if not hilarious. 🙂 It might be worth filming.


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