25 March 2010
Dear Emma,


I love talking with you. You are nine-almost-ten weeks old and you can’t say much but “ah” and the occasional “ee”, but you say them with such variation it’s amazing. Your “ah” sounds different whether you are trying to get my attention, hollering at a toy, or excited in mid conversation. Pretty much all this week, I have laid you on my tummy on in my lap and we’ve just said “ah” and “ee” back and forth at each other. I of course add in things like “Emm-mah!” in the hopes that you will learn your name. I also say “I love you” and describe what you are doing to you. You just eat it up!

❤ Mommy

(Title: Jibberish, by Reliant K)

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Filed under Children and Family, Short and Sweet

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