Still and Small and So Mundane…

29 December 2009

It feels so completely pompous of myself to assume that anyone might be reading this blog.

However, some important people (to me) said they thought I should start one, especially when Emma arrives. I also have to admit that I secretly LOVE reading about other peoples lives on their blogs, though at times I seriously feel like a stalker.

Speaking of stalkers, if I have any hope of being truthful on here (which I would like to be able to do), I guess I should try to make it so that some people just aren’t going to be able to find me on here. Because, honestly, I am incapable of being real in front of everyone. I put on quite the show, depending on who the audience is. I am an interesting person sometimes yes, but the real me is also a bit sarcastic and sometimes I bite. I wouldn’t want anyone to get upset. I’ll tell you the truth in my thoughts, but not always to your face with audible words. I write more the way I think, not the way I talk, and I’m aware of its potential to offend people. If you do find me on here, don’t take anything personally.

Ok, so it looks like I may just be ranting with a tad bit of sarcasm on here for now. I’ll tell you about all this later, when I have more posts for you to read and it looks like I’m a prolific blogger. Oh, and if you can guess which song my titles come from, I’ll give you a brownie point. Just like Chibi and I used to do for the kids when we taught TKD together.


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