The Smallest Trick of Light…

25 May 2010

Dear Emma,

Yesterday I laid you down on your playmat. You were much more interested in the toys hanging over your head than you used to be. You set your gaze on a bright red rattle and wiggled a bit. Two weeks ago I started reaching your hand out for you so you could touch it. I guess you put two and two together, because you started swatting at it really hard and finally got it. I shouted “Yay!” and clapped my hands for you. Which made you smile really big. You kept trying over and over to do it again and got it a few more times. In between the times you were successful you hollered at it with your little baby squeaks. “Ah! Ahhh!” I don’t know what you were saying, but I think you were having a great time. Now you think you can reach out and touch anything you see. You are trying to reach the lamp across the room and my purple shirt sleeve in front of you. Mommy is getting smacked by your tiny little arms quite a bit, but it’s adorable.

Today, you realized you have feet. You were sitting on my lap and making noises with me, when you looked down and all of a sudden, there they were! You made a face like you had never seen such things before and stared at them for a few minutes with that face, while I wished I had a camera to take your picture.

Now you are trying to swat at your feet. I’m sure you will reach them eventually.

I love you.


(Title: Every New Day, by FIF)


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