Can’t Believe It’s Been So Many Years…

Baby Bug met an old friend of mine yesterday.  Not that she’s old, or that she used to be a literal friend.  Actually she used to be my teacher, and it was kind of nice to feel like we were friends now.  I must have become an adult along the way, but don’t worry, I still act like a kid.

It was nice for her to meet my friend, who happens to absolutely adore children.  I also got to enjoy lunch with another lady who was there with us.  We go to the same church but are often so busy we haven’t seen each other in a while.  I would like to hang out with her more.

The conversation was nice.  We discussed what God was doing in everyone’s lives.  The other lady has a 6 week old.  She and I talked about the possibility of starting up an apologetics based Bible study, which I really want to do.

Highlights of the Conversation:

  • Christians need to be better prepared to defend/share their faith.
  • We are designed to live in community, not alone.
  • God is sovereign in all things- our kids belong to Him, and that’s the best place for them to be.
  • God is absolutely dependable.
  • How many prayers have been prayed by multiple people to bring me to where I am.

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