Hospital Visit

For anyone who was concerned, and just so I can put up the photos I took of the toco monitor-

AND as a plea to all doctors, nurses, and staff involved in healthcare:

Please.  Do not assume that because I am capable of self control, and am saying please and thank you in a polite tone, that I am in any less pain than the person who would be yelling at you, demanding attention and acting like a two year old.  I need help just as much as they do.  I’m just treating you like a human being who is made in God’s image, because you are and you deserve to be treated well.  So do I.  Answer my phone calls.  Return my phone calls.  Take care of me.  Give me my prescriptions on time.  ❤

I had already been to the hospital a week before, in so much pain they thought I was an early labor case just looking at me.  Everything below my belly button and my lower right back was in excruciating pain.  I was diagnosed with a UTI, and sent to the pharmacy (still in pain) to pick up some antibiotics.  I took all the antibiotics as prescribed (thanks to a wonderful husband who helped me keep on track), and within twenty four hours was once again in pain- but worse.  I had been told at my previous visit that if that occurred it was a bad thing and I was to call my doctor or else I could end up with complications from a kidney infection- including preterm labor.  So I did.  Three times.  The first, I was told that the medicine would work in about a week and just to tough it out.  The second I was offered to come in the next day to get tested for a UTI.  I really don’t think they listened very well.  I already knew that’s what I had.  The third, I called to give into the second option in the hopes that at least they would do something for me afterwards.  I was hung up on and attempted to call back and got a busy signal.

Then I was in so much pain that I couldn’t get out of bed.  Bug was bouncing around my bedroom wondering why I wouldn’t get up.  It was the longest hour and a half ever until my husband came home and consoled both of us who were crying.  (She’s high on empathy.)  We went straight to the hospital, where the receptionist told me that if I ever went through that again with my doctor’s office I should just come to the hospital without worrying.  I was hooked up to a fetal heart monitor and a toco (contraction) monitor.  Aside from being in serious pain- I was also having contractions every two/three minutes.

Dally’s heart rate was going up with every one of them-

(Top line.  Cyan strip is normal heart rate range.  Bottom is contractions.)

Upon receiving my urinalysis my doctor ordered a CBC.  Having just had blood drawn the day before, they got the other arm.  Count= 2 holes poked.

Urinalysis and CBC made the doctor come in and say I had a “nasty” infection.  Great terminology, but I’m used to that with him.  He was nice enough to give me a percoset, and I started feeling a LOT better.  The nurses were practically force feeding me water.  Every five minutes I had my cup replenished.

After the percoset and the water, everything settled down.  It was actually pretty cool.

The doctor ordered an IV full of some antibiotic that I don’t know.  The nurse searched for a vein good enough because my good ones had already been poked.  She chose my left hand.  It went in, began infusing, but the vein blew.  Count= 3 holes and blood everywhere.  She called another nurse to find another vein and try again.  Apologizing over and over.  I really didn’t mind.  It had nothing to do with her.  It just hurt.  She was nice the whole time.  Count= 4 holes and success.

I was told to call the office in the morning and request my antibiotics be called in.  I called at 9 AM.  I went to the pharmacy at 11 AM.  That’s a considerable amount of time in my opinion.  Not called in.  Not that it wasn’t filled- I wasn’t called in at all.

Phone call 2- Sorry.  The doctor is out and So And So is picking up their slack.  It may be this afternoon.

Phone call 3- (At 2:00 PM)  Sorry.  Nothing’s changed.

Phone call 4- (3:00 PM) Put on hold ten minutes and then hung up on.

Phone call 5- (3:12 PM) On hold five minutes and transferred.  Got my hopes up.  Got a voicemail.  Left a more assertive than usual but still polite message requesting my medicine.

Medicine was never called in.  Really people?

Waited until 7 PM and called the on call doctor.  The doctor said, “You were supposed to call the office and ask for this earlier.”   Me- “I did.  Five times.”

“Oh.  Well.  What’s your pharmacy’s telephone number?”


“Give them thirty minutes to fill it and go pick it up. I’m sorry about that.”

She was nicer than it sounded.  At least she took care of me.  But really that whole nonsense was ridiculous.

I’m feeling better now.  But it’s super difficult to remember 4x a day to take a pill.  Trying my best.  🙂





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3 responses to “Hospital Visit

  1. Becky Hale

    My first epidural with Katie didn’t take. My friends who were with me had to remind me not to smile and act more in pain so they would take me seriously and try again. I’m glad I did. 🙂

  2. Wow! I am so glad you are feeling better. Praying you continue to feel better friend!

  3. Angela Thompson

    This made me so sad so read. Unfortunately, when it comes to medical situations you have to be more assertive but in a nice way. After all, your fate is in their hands. I don’t think doctors no matter if they’ve been practicing a few years or several, will ever understand that the patient knows their own body. My view is from working in a medical school that trains them. What a joke! After I attended a seminar on fibromyalgia, my first thoughts were “this is suppose to help doctors and medical students?” It was so basic that I could have been the speaker. I called the office that set up the seminar and thanked them and suggested that in future seminars they should consider having patients with fibromyalgia to speak from the patients view point. It fell on deaf ears. Why in the world do they not teach “bedside” manner in medical school. And doctors need to know more about medications before writing presciptions. They only know what drug reps tell them. Shouldn’t medical doctors have as much knowledge of drugs as pharmacist? Sweetheart, it’s just a cold hard fact. No one can see the amount of pain someone else is in and even if you know they are in pain, having sympathy is better than doing nothing by turning away. We as God’s children should especially show compassion. Sorry for being so lengthy. It helps to vent just as you did. I would give my life to never have you in pain! I love you! XOXOXOX

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