Room Deco and Organization

Just so that, when it returns to its chaotic -toys in the floor, five pacifiers under the bed I can’t reach, clothes overflowing the hamper- status, I can look back and say it was once organized and really awesome.  Also, in case you come to babysit, here’s where everything is!

Just did this yesterday.  Names over their respective beds.
Swing and Bed linens stored under crib ^.

Now for my corner of the room-

I have, I think, everything close at hand that will be needed.  Cloths and a blanket draped on the rocker.  Convenient side table and shelf.  Side table has blankets at the ready (these will not be as pretty once in use), my night lamp, and softy storage underneath. High shelf for medicines, lotions and other stuff Bug doesn’t need her hands on.

Changing area with a sack for Bug’s diapers (butterflies) and a sack for Dally’s (owls). I made the sacks.  The cover came from Katie and Sarah and matches perfectly.

This changing station is just a chest of drawers with a mat on top.  I got the drawers organized too.  (*yay!*) –

Drawer one with onesies, playsuits, socks, wash cloths, bibs, and little pants- all birth through three months.

Drawer two with his night clothes on the left and hers on the right.  I feel like I must switch these all of a sudden, realizing everything else in the room is reversed- she’s left and he’s right.  (#brb. #done.)

Drawer three with extra diapers ready, plus extra burp cloths and the nursing prop I will need handy when sitting in the chair.

On around to the left…

Bug’s reading shelf.  I really love this thing- the books are easy to get to and easy to put away, and it only cost $14 to make.  Link to tutorial below.

Plus the laundry basket is conveniently by the place I change their clothes.  Necessary, because I’m fairly lazy.

Continuing left-

The clock.  Bug’s first steps.  Animals.  And height chart, which I intend to embellish this week.

Inside the closet (which may never look so good ever again).  First her side, then his, then the whole thing.-

The top is for replenishment storage.

Toys are on shelves and the floor- mostly at Bug’s reach except the annoying ones.Left of the softy bin is a box for hats.  His row of clothes are organized three through twelve months with each size group labeled by Target hangers facing backwards. Behind them and under the legos in the next picture, are larger bins for their respective clothes that will fit in the more distant future.  (This helps my desire to buy future clothes from the sale racks stay organized and clean.)

Bug’s (current) and Dally’s (3-12m) pants are in these plastic and cloth bins. There’s another basket full of blankets on the shelf.  Next to it is Bug’s sock box.  That other box has some stuff in it that I just realized I can move in order to get an empty box.  In the far corner, the slide is folded and stored but still easy to reach (for me).

Moving back to Bug’s corner-A monkey hangs from the blinds.  Bug likes him.  🙂

Her life verse is on the animal poster that her Nonna painted.  I’m working on getting one done for Dally.

Yes.  The bed is up against the window a bit, which did bother me, until it made an excellent spot for her LOVE of bird watching.

And as promised earlier… here’s Dally’s corner complete with a new “tree”!And an owl!  🙂

Bug loves the owl.  She’s upset that she can’t get him down to play with her.

Thanks for visiting!  😀
Tutorial for putting stuff up on the wall-

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