I didn’t have much left to do after arranging and then rearranging the babies’ room.  (I had it perfect, complete with pictures and a blog post of my organizational awesomeness until we caught Bug pulling a Spiderman move in the middle of the night- midair split with one foot on the rocker and one on the changing table.  So I had to redo it all the next morning.)

So, this morning I decided to try my hands at some applique on the thousands of onesies we have thanks to generous friends and family.  I found a technique on reverse applique that I really wanted to try, and I’m a bit shaky on normal applique, so I need some practice.

The reverse applique turned out awesome.  Though, I can, of course, find all my errors in it. The normal applique, which I did of a Kabutomushi, suffered from my forgetting to use proper stabilizer, and from the legs just being a general pain in the rear end.

Both designs are Japanese in nature, but I’m sure someone is going to confuse the Aichi Prefectural symbol for the Star Wars Rebel symbol.  The beetle is a common childhood pet in Japan, and seemed very boy-like.

Here’s a pic-


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