Age 21

I did something I normally wouldn’t to force myself to write something short.  Anything, quickly, in between spit up, and pee pee accidents to improve my skills and gain a bigger audience (hopefully) for this blog.  I played along with one of those Facebook games “Like, and I’ll give you an age.”

So, here goes-

At age 21, literally on my birthday, I lived in Nagoya, Japan.  😀  Squeeee!  I loved it there.  (I also, in the beginning hated it there, but that’s an entirely different story.)

I lived with three girls, none of whom were anything like me, in “Rainbow House.”  Owned by the Sugino family, the eldest of whom lived next door.

(Copy and paste this into Google Maps and you can see it- 日本愛知県名古屋市天白区植田本町2丁目1508)  .

My best friends were, back at home, my future husband Daniel, and my forever best friend Tiffany.  In Japan, they were Thomas and Jessica.  I was traveling through Fukuoka with Jessica and hanging out on the beach when I told Daniel I didn’t want to leave Japan.  Which he interpreted, falsely, that I did not want to come home, and became very upset over.  Happy endings though, I absolutely wanted to return home to him!

The only drink I tried was umeshuu, a plum wine.  Delish if you get the good stuff.

My favorite food was the same as always- meat and potato dishes from back home.  And A1, oh how happy I was to get a care package with a bottle of that inside while living there.  Japanese food?  Probably udon, and curry (mild) and I grew to love kaitenzushi, if only for the atmosphere.

That’s the best I can do for now.  Baby Boy is crying.  21 was a pretty turbulent and crazy age for me, what with living abroad and returning to my home culture.  I definitely experienced reverse culture shock.

The best part of 21?  Daniel asked me to marry him that March.  ❤


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