Seconds are so dear…

I think that Noah’s Ark has to be the oddest nursery theme ever.

Cute little animals are great.  Boats are pretty cool.  Bible- rock on!

We have an animal theme in one of our rooms, but no Ark or Noah.  I’ve heard of a friend doing a sailboat theme, which I thought was brilliant.  We’ve got scripture up on our walls, too.

But if you think about it, you’ve pretty much got the only survivors of the biggest world disaster ever floating around on the open sea above the lucky gilled animals and the not so lucky air breathers who have all just perished.  Eight people, an unknown number of animals and their poo; the world has just been judged for their wickedness, and these are the only ones who escaped- hanging on your wall in a cute little frame, sewn into a quilt, and molded into a night-light with a matching alarm clock.  Meanwhile, the lions are looking at the sheep thinking they look mighty tasty and that it wouldn’t be so horrible if they happened to become extinct while Noah isn’t looking, and Noah is just happy he grabbed such a big stick to defend himself with.

Or I guess it represents hope?


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One response to “Seconds are so dear…

  1. Rachel Farmer

    I think most people just think the animals are cute. We, as a culture, like to forget that Noah’s ark is about judgement and death as much as it is about salvation and life.

    Have you heard Ken Ham on the subject of Noah’s ark in nurseries? I have to agree with him; we use cartoon-ish, outlandish representations and kids associate that with Noah’s ark. They imagine everyone out on deck, with the giraffes’ heads going up through holes in the roof. That makes it seem like a fairy tale and as they get older they try to reconcile that with surviving a worldwide flood… it’s not possible. That’s why I think it’s so neat that the creation museum is doing a replica to give people an idea that this thing was HUGE, had room for all the animals plus people, and was built on the same proportions as modern day aircraft carriers.

    Now that I think of it, I can remember playing with a Noah’s ark toy that was more accurate than most…. I wonder what happened to it….

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