With Kids that Can Scream…

After three nights’ plus applicable nap-times’ worth of:

  • screaming like the offspring of a bobcat and a Tasmanian devil
  • banging head on door
  • kicking door
  • breaking door open
  • throwing herself on the ground at our feet
  • jumping and purposely falling out of bed to make a loud noise when she hits the ground
  • begging for “hugs” and “kisses”
  • and once again screaming like the offspring of a bobcat and Tasmanian devil

 Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this insane reaction to having to sleep without a pacifier?  This lasts for hours until she falls asleep from sheer exhaustion.  Her brother is sleep deprived and so are we.  We’ve tried everything we can think of.  She’s giving herself bruises and even busted her lip.  I can’t not intervene when she’s being dangerous, but I also can’t give in to being manipulated either.  Help, please.  



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  1. Arlene

    Our son was three when we were going through this. The first night I poked a tiny hole in the end of the pacifier to break the suction. Each night I made the hole a little bigger (without him seeing). When it no longer satisfied him we made an incentive plan. He chose a Thomas the tank engine tain which cost $12. Each night he made it without the pacifier he got $1 towards the train and at the end of 12 nights he got the train and was over the pacifier. Good Luck!

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