And I Hoped in Things Unseen…

Today my sweet daughter taught me a lesson.

She knows very well which items in the house belong to whom.  She knows what is off limits to her and what is not.

So, she knows not to play with her brother’s diapers.

When she came into her room carrying around one of his diapers, I told her to go put it back.  When she refused, I simply thought she was being a run of the mill disobedient two-year-old.  Tears streamed from her face, which is normal these days.  Something told me not to get upset, to remain calm and find out why she was upset.  So, I held her hand and walked her back to her brother’s new room where his diapers are stored.  Still oblivious, I asked her to put it back.  She ran and threw herself onto the bed crying in protest.  Bewildered, I “went to the balcony,” removing myself from the situation to regain composure and the ability to handle her emotional outburst with love.  From the balcony, I looked around the room.

I saw her dolly on Brother’s changing table.

I saw her potty chair, with the lid down at the foot of the changing table, ready to be used as a step stool to reach Dolly.

She was role-playing.  My Role.

She was pretending to be Mommy.  

My heart warmed towards her, and I found an old diaper that Gos had outgrown for her to use on Dolly.  I explained to her that Brother’s diapers were off limits, but she could have the little diapers that he didn’t need any more.

Then, I watched her change Dolly’s diaper.  Which was a moment I wanted to hold on to forever.  She knew exactly what to do.  Her fingers pulled the tabs out and placed them just so precisely.  I’m proud of her.

She’s been watching me more than I thought.

My Lesson:

  • Toddlers are deeply invested in their imaginative play; it’s practically reality for them.
  • I would have cried had I been too quick to discipline and realized what she was up to later.  I thank God for putting His patient hand on my shoulder to calm me down.  I need to be quick on the hugs and cuddles and play with her more often if possible.
  • She’s always watching.
  • I love her so much!

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One response to “And I Hoped in Things Unseen…

  1. Angela Thompson

    This is so touching and a tribute to you as a Mom. Yes – we forget kids watch our every move and learn. What we must never forget is that they also see our faults. Kids do need to learn we have flaws and what lessons we learned so we can pass this knowledge to them. Our teaching kids (yours or other kids) is sometimes over looked as a gift from God. Never question your abilities as a Mom because you have an inside track straight to the One who gives you the best guidance. I love you and I’m so proud of you in many ways. That now includes being a great Mom (and Daniel as a great Dad). XOXOXOX

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