Zypha Gork Jawinstabray….

Attention nursery workers, friends, and family.

My child is about to become a little harder to understand.

She’s a rather brilliant little wordsmith already.  So, I think you will all be okay.  I just figured I needed to go ahead and inform you that she’s starting to work on other languages in addition to English now.

I was told that she should be exposed to multiple languages from birth if I wanted her to learn them.  For the most part I have done this on a small scale.  It has only been when we are around Japanese people that we have used Japanese, and around Hispanohablantes that we speak Spanish.  I didn’t want to confuse her by jumbling it up.

Now that she is two years old and can say so much in English, I am talking to her in Japanese and Spanish more often.  This means I have to be constantly studying as well, myself.  Squee!

If this makes her speak gibberish for a while, you will just have to bear with us.  I’ll teach her as best I can to respond to the request “English, please.”  I’ll also interpret, don’t worry.  🙂

Hooray!  I’m excited!

Have you raised bilingual children?  Do you have any advice?  What difficulties did you encounter?


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