Anyone Else Would See Weeds…

So my friend somewhat commissioned my barely existent art skills to do a, hmm… I don’t even know what to call it, but a copy-cat of this lady’s work: PitterPatterArt. for her soon to be born (actually just arrived three days ago!!!) daughter.  At the baby shower when I gave it to her I got a high-five and a legitimately grateful smiling face.  Worth all the midnight oil I burned on it, seriously.  😀

I also ran a game at her shower which I did not have a prize prepared for.  (I fly by the seat of my pants so well.)  So, I promised the winner, who is also a good friend, that I would make her one too.  Here’s the work.  Don’t scrutinize it too closely, but I am pretty happy with them both.  🙂  I hand cut, ripped, wrote, inked, and painted every bit of these myself.  Then, I used mod-podge to seal it all together.

I learned a lot from making them.  I learned that I am more productive at 3AM than 9PM.  I learned how to antique, which took a lot of trial and even more error.  Consequently, my husband learned that, “It looks like someone smeared poop on it,” is not an appropriate response to “Does it look ok, or should I try again?”  (I redid the entire bottom half after that response.)  I learned from the non-antiqued one (which I like much more) that I cannot cut out an elephant in both directions, only facing left.  So, the mommy-phant had to be cut out a second time, and with the paper turned around backwards.

I’ll post the other friend’s one separately.  Coming soon!  😀



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2 responses to “Anyone Else Would See Weeds…

  1. Dawn

    These are beautiful!

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