To Bring a Smile to His Face…

This week was supposed to be crazy.


When I told my friend on Sunday night that I would be babysitting every day of this week, and would have both children (equaling a total of four under age two in my home), she whacked me in the head with the palm of her hand and said, “Be healed!”


Anyway, I did it.  I made it through with a lot of prayer and honestly, it was wonderful.  I don’t think I’d have much problem with a larger family.  I do think I’d go crazy some days, but not everyday.  There’s pretty much just one moment that lasts about an hour or more where all the children scream and lose their minds, and once it has passed, everything is sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows (in comparison).  This moment is usually induced by simultaneous hunger.


Friday, when I was supposed to have all four, for various reasons I ended up with just my own two.  This made the day seem like it was moving as slow as molasses.  I did get to enjoy some extra snuggles from my own kiddos, since my arms weren’t constantly holding (cradled, hands with, by the collar, or otherwise) someone else.


The funny thing is that my friend, who tried to “heal me” of my situation, ended up being the one who watched Mr. Airplane on Friday.  How’d that go, Sunshine?



One of the things I do to make it through my day is to do funny things with the kids.  “With” there not meaning “around,” “including,” or “nearby,” but “with.”  Such as the two photos above, of them dressed as lookalikes on the days that their parents just so happened to present them to my doorfront in attire identical to something my own kids have available in their closet.  And I must say, at least with Bug and Boomerang, doing this made me want another little girl so much.  Oh, and if they ever start a band, that pic will be on the cover of their first album.  What faces!


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One response to “To Bring a Smile to His Face…

  1. Dawn

    K was thrilled when I showed up at school with a baby in the car. She got to feed him. Wanted to pretend it was ours. Love your pics… especially the “album covers” as we call them. You’re amazing!

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