Carrier Fabric

Anyone want a carrier?  KW gets first pick on fabric choice because she was the first one to open her mouth and ask me to make her one.  Which, by the way, made my day!  ^^  

So, I went and spent a bunch of money of fabric at the local store.  I’m sure my hubby loves this, and wonders where I think I will find the time to sew.  However, he did say I could sell some things at the farmer’s market, and well, everyone was interested in carriers more than anything else.  So, I figured, I’d make a few to draw attention.  Now, to write up the “you can’t sue me for your misuse of my product” tag.  

Anyway, here’s the fabrics I picked out.  Choose your fave!


Teal and Stripes


White and Blue Cathedral.


White and Green/Brown Flowers


Dusty Green/ Dusty Orange Flower.

Hmmm… most of my IRL friends have seen the actual carrier already.  But I’ll have a pic up of Gus in the one I made soon for all of those who would like to see the finished product.  It’s modeled after the Ergo that my aunt Regina let me take pictures of, and another lady’s tutorial that I will find on Pinterest and promptly link for you.

Sorry, Bug is screaming.  Back to real life.


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