ABC, Easy as 123…

First week of Preschool in the Gibson Home

A few months ago I felt deliriously inspired to begin homeschool preparations.  I studiously developed a plan of action for teaching Bug along with my own curriculum which I dreamed would one day be published.  Haha.

After about two weeks of that, the sense of it not being anywhere near my projected date of Aug 6 for the first day of school weighing heavily upon me, I, the procrastinator, set it aside for later.  Later showed up around Friday, Aug 3 to be defeated by a pool party on Saturday and church as usual on Sunday.

However, the pressure created by procrastination has historically been my greatest motivator for some seriously A+ work.  The first week of pre-K was no exception.  Like it or not, I will probably always be queen of the last minute.

We had a blast!!!

I structured it to be an hour each day on Monday Wednesday and Friday.  I decided the theme would be God is holy, because I wanted a good foundation of His character from which to spring forth.  How do you explain “holy” to a two year old?  I don’t know.  It actually had me contemplating God’s holiness a lot for several weeks, which was wonderful.  🙂  I came to the conclusion that it was a really difficult concept to grasp, but I was going to teach it to her as being uniquely and completely pure.  There is only one God.  He is sufficient for Himself on His own.  He is perfect and pure.  That fit nicely into one concept each day.  How would you explain it to your child?

I have made Mondays math days, Wednesdays language days, and Fridays science days.  That way, I don’t leave anything out.  Because we all know I could just as easily do three days of language.  Other days are available for field trips and fun visits.  I’m trying to do a memory verse each day, to highlight that this stuff comes from the Bible and not Mommy’s brain alone.   How is your homeschool structured?


Week One:  Theme- God is Holy

Day One:  Academic Focus- Mathematics / Aspect of Holiness- Unique

Memory Verse for day one:

“Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one.”

(Deuteronomy 6:4 ESV)

I hope you get the idea.  There’s only one God.  He is the only one who is holy.  So we combined that and learned about the number one.  She memorized the verse and was able to say it alone by Wednesday.  We did get into a momentary debate where she was trying to say that God was two years old like she is.  She says that about everyone.  Love her heart.

Activities involved:

  • Open up the school box and learn what scissors and glue are and how they work.
  • Pre-writing practice.  Stay within the outline of the number one and the letters O, N, and E.
  • Cut them out and paste them to pink paper.  Use it as memory verse poster.
  • You only have one ______!  (Nose.  Mommy.  Daddy.  God.  Mouth.  Etc…)
  • There is only one you!

ImageDay Two: Academic Focus- Language / Aspect of Holiness- Wholeness, Completeness.


“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.”
(Revelation 22:13 ESV)

Perfect line up for ABCs in my opinion.  Though I did struggle with whether to teach the verse to her as “Alpha and Omega” or “A and Z.”  I wasn’t sure which one would confuse her less.  Jury is still out.  Any opinions from people who actually know what they are doing?  She did well with another verse and had it down by Friday.  Though, she likes the Deuteronomy verse more.


  • Recite ABCs
  • What’s the first letter of the ABCs?
  • What’s the last letter of the ABCs?
  • God says He is the A!
  • God says He is the Z!
  • Discuss concept of “whole” / “complete”  *
  • Pre-writing practice with outlines of A and Z.
  • Practice signing A and Z.
  • Make poster with her work (scissors/ glue) and use to learn verse.


Day Three: Academic Focus- Science / Aspect of Holiness- Purity.


“This God—his way is perfect;”

(Psalm 18:30 ESV)

Preschool didn’t happen until after Daddy came home on Friday, because there was a fiasco of gigantic proportions during would be school time, as we tried to meet him at the library to take him to lunch. However, I guess that counts as a field trip to the library.

So, Daddy helped!

He explained the concept of purity to her as meaning that something is completely clean. We learned the verse, but not as enthusiastically as the others. I wonder if that’s going to be a Friday thing. I hope not. Maybe it was just that we were running late into the day. Then, we did a mini-experiment. Clear glass with clean water= pure. One drop of food coloring=not anymore. I hope you get the idea. It has further implications for later, when she is capable of understanding that just one sin spreads through your life and “taints” you. We are all tainted. God is the only one who is holy. I praise Him for that, and for His loving mercy in saving my soul.

More Pictures! That’s what you really wanted, right?



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