Happy Birthday…

This post was written a while back, when I first found out, but has recently been taken off the “private” setting, after informing people of the good news.  So you are just now able to see it.

I just found out that we are once again pregnant.  I waited until Nov 5th to test because that’s a special day for me and Daniel (the day we started dating, 2003) to test, so that if I had to tell him, that would be a fun anniversary gift.

I couldn’t sleep and it was about 4:30 AM, so I got up, got dressed, and went to Walmart.  It was VERY strange being at Walmart with no children, much less in the middle of the night.  The red light camera almost got me as I was about to pull in, because I’m not used to driving at that time either.  No ticket though, thankfully.  I also, ironically checked my texts before going in, only to find that Beth Koscak had once again sent me a message saying, “David wants a new sibling.”

I came back home, took a test, and was utterly shocked that it was positive.  I didn’t have to do the math.  I conceived on David’s birthday.  Just like I conceived David (around) Emma’s birthday.  Just like I conceived Emma on my birthday.  Crazy.

I then went back to bed and was able to sleep until morning.

I went all day wanting to tell Daniel in person at dinner, which was somewhat difficult, because on his break he asked if there was anything he could pray for me, and he kept inquiring throughout the day in a similar manner as to what I was thinking about, why I was smiling, etc…

We put the kids to bed early and he surprised me with a nice meal for our anniversary.  I took his phone, and downloaded the Baby Center Pregnancy App, and did all the calculating quickly while he was filling our plates.  Then, when I was ready, I said, “I have an anniversary surprise for you,” and handed him the phone with the page set to the “you are 4 weeks pregnant, your baby is the size of a poppy seed” screen.  You should have seen his face.  Confusion turned to understanding turned to astonishment turned to joy… it kept changing and then settled in on his “well this is big news” face that he usually gets but with the corners of his mouth turned up in delight.  He took my hands and started praying and then realized mid-prayer that the cookies were burning.

It was great.


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