Writer’s Block

I have found that Facebook has severely decreased my writing productivity, both in blog and traditional form.  I have become satisfied with short quips about my day, and traded such for deeper, meaningful, detailed paragraphs about my life.  There is so much going on in my life right now that deserves to be written down, regardless of who reads it. So,  I have taken a Facebook break, for this and other reasons.  However, my blog thankfully automatically publishes to my FB page, so you will still be hearing from me.  As I have been updating and organizing this blog, some posts have come out of “private” status to be published and legible on FB.  They may be older than you think, so do not jump to any strange conclusions.  I will try to edit them as necessary to prevent this to begin with.  I will be attempting to write in some form every day, so it will still appear as though I am very active on the internet.  I just hope that it is in a more meaningful manner.  Thanks!  I also intend to catch up on the life books for Bug and Gus and now Poppy.  I found Bug’s in the garage, covered in dust and not updated since before she was born.  I have a lot of catching up to do!

Stay tuned for posts on:

  • How I feel about leaving my first “home” church.
  • How I feel about the new CRC church plant.
  • Christmas
  • What the next person to mention Santa Claus to my kids may get an ear-full of.

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