11 Weeks (close enough) Update.

I’m starting to feel better, though I am still exhausted most of the day.  I just wish I had enough energy to do the laundry!  Or maybe someone to take the kids for a bit so I could clean without having to referee their little fights.  Daniel will be home this week, so we’re hoping to get a lot done and put the house on the market in January.  Please pray for us.

The cyst is starting to feel less painful, and I assume the baby has now either caught up to its size, or maybe, just maybe, the cyst has shrunk and the baby is actually bigger.  That would be great.  I don’t know why I get a horrible cyst every time I get pregnant, but it is neat to know which ovary each kid came from.   Bug:L  Gus:R  Poppy:L  Weird, huh?  🙂

Nausea is starting to decrease, and I’m hungry all the time.  Heartburn has reared its ugly head, and I’m certain, based on previous pregnancies, that it will be around for the duration of this one.  I’m keeping the Maalox and Tums by the bed.  (I also have Cheeze-its hidden in the bathroom under the sink.  Shhh!)

Also, I would swear that I’ve already felt this baby move.  The tiniest little fish-wiggle like spasms.  Just a few days ago, for sure.


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