Intuitive Guessing.

With my last two pregnancies, my intuitions were spot on regarding the babies’ genders.  I may have wanted a boy first, but I knew deep inside of me somehow that Bug was a girl.  I knew before Gus ever even showed up that my “Gregory” was on his way soon.  Most of the intuition came from a combination of dreams in which the baby’s gender never wavered, and the ability to only come up with a name I liked for the correct gender.  This time, I am having boy dreams and only liking girl names.  So, my guess is as good as anyone’s at the moment.  

However, I have noticed one thing.  With both Bug and Gus, I had a horrible aversion to my favorite sauce, A1, the entire pregnancy.  With this baby, I had A1 on potato chips and pizza last night and again on scrambled eggs this morning.  So, based on that, I am willing to wager a guess that this may be the one out of these three children who is most like me.  Maybe we’ll even get a brunette this time??  🙂  30 more weeks to go!  


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