Kiss the Girl…

My sweet little Gus is growing up.  Sniff.

Just yesterday, he was playing with a little girl named Harper at church, being very sweet and gentle, and then giving her as much of a kiss as he knows how.  He’s not got the fine motor skills down to give a legitimate kiss yet, but he’s been blowing them to friends and family often.  With Harper, he just leaned in towards her face and touched it with his.  So cute.

Today, he saw Daniel come up and kiss me before I left to go to get my blood test.  He watched curiously, and as soon as Daniel walked away, he toddled up to me with his arms up and his eyes fixed on my face.  I got down on my knees, and he opened his mouth wide and leaned in towards my face.  He wanted a kiss goodbye too.

We grow up and have good reason sometimes to guard our hearts and kisses and hugs, but maybe I should learn a lesson from this little boy who is so eager to show his love for others.


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