What ‘ave Dey Got? (A Lot of Sand??)


Did we go to the beach?

No, although I would really like to at some point, and had my hopes up for TGC13 in April, alas!

Home Pre-K is in full swing with both kids.  This “semester” I am opting for less structured, more open ended, less stress, and unfortunately more mess activities.  Playing to learn so to speak.  This is home-made play sand, which was a huge success.  On her own, she started singing what she called the sand song, “…the foolish man built his house upon the sand…”  We buried things and found them, learned the words “gritty” and well, “sand,” made towers and castles and covered their toes.  It was a blast.  I love that brother can join in.  I love that it’s a lot less stress on me to just lead her natural play instincts and curiosity into learning.  I think I had too high expectations and designed a kindergarten level curriculum last time.  Oh well, I’ll just wait a few years and keep it around.


Future preacher?


He loves it. Can you tell?




Interested face.


Excited face.


Assisted mess-making.

Moldable play-sand:

I followed Learn with Play at Home’s moon-sand recipe, which is an 8/1 ratio of flour/oil, replacing the flour with ground up rice (left over baby rice cereal from when Bug was a baby, simultaneous cabinet purging.)  It turns out more gritty, but holds form well, and feels pretty much like moist real sand.


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