2o Weeks

I know it only reveals how addicted to television I used to be, but I keep hearing Spongebob’s voice on broken record saying, “I’m already halfway there!” as I think about this.  I am finally past the 20 week mark.  21 weeks and 2 days to be exact.  Though it seems that this pregnancy is flying by faster than all others previous, it’s still a big deal to reach this milestone.

Absent however, is the 20 week ultrasound that I enjoyed getting with both Bug and Gus. I’m going to miss having this little one’s fuzzy black and white image to show off in the baby book that I’m never going to have time to put together.  I have foregone the anatomy ultrasound under the advice of my midwife (and other health professionals whom I interviewed for a second opinion), who presented me with article after article of research indicating that it was not a wise idea to blast rapidly developing cells with high pitched frequency unless I had a specific concern to investigate.  One of the doctors simply said, “the babies try to get away from it for a reason,” and that was enough for me.  I remember that Bug actually punched the transducer (*hard*) as we were watching her wiggle around.  Also, I would immediately be able to tell if it is a boy or girl if I even caught an accidental glimpse of that anatomy on ultrasound, and I don’t want to ruin my end of the road surprise.  I hear it inspires you to push harder, just to find out.

It is still HARD not to know, because even though the 20 week ultrasound is absent, the question “do you know what you are having yet?” is now as full blown among my friends and acquaintances as my 20 cm fundal height tummy.  It’s also a lot harder to come up with two names instead of one. This week I made a baby birthday box full of clothing options and blankies and such in both gender colors.  I’m halfway into nesting, if only because our house is on the market and there’s no way I will prepare at the last minute if we (please God) get it sold before the baby is born, and have to find a new place to live (and give birth).

So, here’s my Boy vs Girl analysis to commemorate this milestone in an appropriate manner:

My heart wants a girl and my mind (read: sanity) wants a boy.


  • I get all nostalgic at the sight of Bug’s old clothes.
  • Bug really wants a sister.
  • I prefer most of the girl names we have created at this point.
  • Having referred to him/her as “Baby Poppy” so long has made me think feminine, because Poppy doesn’t sound masculine.


  • Diapers are easier to change.
  • Less drama for this mama.  (This should count double.)
  • Gus would have a brother.



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  1. Sara

    Poppy… was the “name” of my best friend’s grandfather, and also my first thought was “what about Poppy the Sailor Man?” (yes, yes, Popeye whatever).

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