What’s in a Name?

My mom recently asked me out of the blue if I was pregnant.  I was quite shocked.  I mean, I just had a baby three (almost four) months ago.  She then began asking about my friends.  I had to know why and to my surprise it was because my baby name book had been left out.

This book has turned heads before.  It’s how Will Jackson knew we were having Bug.  (And it was on a shelf when he saw it.)  On the other hand, I have had one family member walk into my home and use the bathroom right after I had taken a positive test and left it out on the counter.  This person was completely oblivious, and very surprised when we told her a few months later.

So let me set things straight.  I love onomastics.  Go ahead and use a dictionary if you need to look it up.  It will make you smarter.  So, if I meet someone whose name I don’t know the meaning of, I will look it up within the day.

So the baby name book is out on occasion.

However, for those who really know me, it is Strong’s Complete Dictionary of Bible Words being off the shelf that should start you questioning when the next Gibson delight will arrive.  Although, I could also just be studying the Bible.  Because that’s what it’s supposed to be used for…  😀

It is a treasure trove of beautiful, meaning-rich names that my husband is almost certain to demerit to middle-name status.  I care most about the meaning of a name as reason for its selection, then I care secondly about what kind of lives were lived under the name.  (I can’t stand the name Jonathan, because I’ve known too many, even though it has a beautiful meaning.  Matthew is a great alternative with a similar meaning.)  I personally believe everyone ought to know what a name means before sticking a child with it for the rest of his or her life.   I also believe it does affect the kid.  I have never met a calm-mannered child named Aiden.  They tend to be little balls of fire, living up to the name.  Ace laughs all the time, and it befits his real name.

So your challenge for the day is to find out what your own name means, and your kids’ if you have any.  (And absolutely if you are about to have any!)


“Freedom from bitterness” Gibson



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2 responses to “What’s in a Name?

  1. This cracks me up. I remember when the test was left out and you were freaking out about it! I also remember being pregnant with Eliana (I didn’t know it at the time), and you told me the meaning of Eliana (“God has answered”). Tanner and I agreed on it immediately and knew if we had a girl her name would be Eliana Grace. By the way, I used to be a “pick a name because I like the sound of it” person…and then I met you. Thanks, friend for telling me about the perfect name for my Baby Girl!

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