The First Five Years

When I was in high school child care and development class, our final project was to write a book called, “The First Five Years.” It was supposed to be a summation of all the knowledge we had gained about the development of a child from birth to the age of five, and an introduction to correct research and publishing etiquette.  To make myself appear old, I will note that I was the only student who typed mine.

Fast forward to tomorrow, and I will be marking the culmination of the first five years of my own child’s life, my darling daughter.  She has taught me more about life, patience, love, joy, and God’s grace than I could recount.  I love this kid beyond words.  These first five years have been a crazy mix of tears, hugs, kisses, nightmares and scraped knees, princess crowns and sprinkles.  As she turns five years old, I sense that it’s the dawning of a new era for her.  She’s obviously much more grown up than her initial year, but beyond that there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on that makes it seem as if five years old is an epic change.

We intend to begin training her towards adulthood now.  Something to the tune of the account we read on the Frame and Poythress blog, but geared more towards a daughter.  I’ll be the first to admit that this is new territory for me, as is everything with her since she’s the oldest.  So, as usual, I will be struggling to figure it all out as I go.  However, we believe it is best to make the transition to adulthood a journey with concrete steps, goals, and tests, so that it will be obvious that she will be able to handle the responsibilities, and a time for celebration when she (and her brothers) do reach that stage of life.

For now, while she’s still four these last few hours, I will simply choose to remember and celebrate all that God has blessed us with through her.

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