Ace is 2 Years Old

Ace turned 2 last Saturday. We started off with his breakfast request: oatmeal. I don’t need another toy in the house, so in lieu of presents, we had an impromptu adventure or two. We were driving around deciding what to do, when Gus said he wanted to drive up a road to the top of a mountain. So we did. On the way to the mountain, there was a health fair at a hospital nearby, and the kids yelled, “Mommy, they are throwing him a birthday party, pull over!” So we did. There was a firetruck and bouncy play areas for them to enjoy. Once we arrived at the mountain, they enjoyed climbing gigantic rocks. I should say that Bug greatly enjoyed climbing gigantic rocks, Ace tried, and Gus cried. The top of the mountain had a mile high suspension bridge that swayed in the wind. Gus was terrified. Bug was delighted. Ace seemed to appreciate the adventure. The day ended with birthday brownies, and fun in the backyard.

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