My Ducklings


Bug, Gus, and Ace are all growing up. Hence, I must update our family bio. Also, they will be joined (hopefully very soon) by a new sibling. So, here we are a family of six now! Thank you God for our many blessings!

duckywetBug is growing up way too fast for me. We are watching her learn so many things, and grow deeper in her faith in Christ. We are thankful that she accepted Jesus as her savior and was baptized last Easter.  She is a great artist, and a wonderful big sister to her brothers. I still feel like I have no idea how to be her mommy most days, but God is providing the grace needed in every moment. She’s growing more confident in playing basketball, and looking forward to a new season this year, after being too scared to walk onto the court for the first month of last season.


Gus played soccer, and started off scared at first too. Now he wants his own net in the backyard for Christmas and for it to be summer again so he can be back on a team. He’s a wonderful combination of tough and sweet, and is developing into a young boy who suits his real name (and our desires for his life) well. We love seeing God be faithful in this. He’s very protective of his siblings, imaginative, and confident (which sometimes = stubborn.)


Ace is a wiry little ball of energy who enjoys keeping up with his big sibs in whatever they are doing. He could climb a ladder before he could walk, and now enjoys attempting American Ninja Warrior style activities with the others in the backyard and unfortunately sometimes our furniture. He loves to sing, and has a great vocabulary, but will only talk in front of people he knows. He’s precious and sweet, and very determined to get whatever it is he wants out of life at the moment.

And we are waiting, waiting, waiting for little new baby to arrive any day now!

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