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Tips for Language Study

I have been studying and praying about taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test this December.  I was getting super worked up about it, unable to decide which level to take, because there’s this feeling of guilt over what I feel I ought to be able to accomplish that I couldn’t shake, and a fear of regret over spending the money on travel, lodging, study materials and the test itself if I were to fail due to being overambitious. Continue reading


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Jack’s Birth Story!

My Friend’s Homebirth Story.


Baby Monk Monk just turned 3 months, so I guess his birth story is “old news.” Bunkee is sleeping through the night now (unless I just jinxed that!), he’s down from 8 or 9 feedings a day to 6, I’ve started working at my new job, and things are starting to settle down a little. In my last post I promised to tell our birth story; whether or not anyone wants to read it remains to be seen, but I’m telling it, starting today and finishing it sometime before Chumpkin turns 30. I think.

We were waiting anxiously for something to happen. My due date came and went on Sunday before Thanksgiving without even a smidge of a labor indicator. My midwife had warned me that first-time moms often go late, so I wasn’t too surprised that Munchie was a little late. The emails, texts, and facebook messages piled up…

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Mothers Are Never Alone When Alone

Awesome, well-written blog on Motherhood.

Mothers Are Never Alone When Alone.

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