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Ace is 2 Years Old

Ace turned 2 last Saturday. We started off with his breakfast request: oatmeal. I don’t need another toy in the house, so in lieu of presents, we had an impromptu adventure or two. We were driving around deciding what to do, when Gus said he wanted to drive up a road to the top of a mountain. So we did. On the way to the mountain, there was a health fair at a hospital nearby, and the kids yelled, “Mommy, they are throwing him a birthday party, pull over!” So we did. There was a firetruck and bouncy play areas for them to enjoy. Once we arrived at the mountain, they enjoyed climbing gigantic rocks. I should say that Bug greatly enjoyed climbing gigantic rocks, Ace tried, and Gus cried. The top of the mountain had a mile high suspension bridge that swayed in the wind. Gus was terrified. Bug was delighted. Ace seemed to appreciate the adventure. The day ended with birthday brownies, and fun in the backyard.

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The First Five Years

When I was in high school child care and development class, our final project was to write a book called, “The First Five Years.” It was supposed to be a summation of all the knowledge we had gained about the development of a child from birth to the age of five, and an introduction to correct research and publishing etiquette.  To make myself appear old, I will note that I was the only student who typed mine.

Fast forward to tomorrow, and I will be marking the culmination of the first five years of my own child’s life, my darling daughter.  She has taught me more about life, patience, love, joy, and God’s grace than I could recount.  I love this kid beyond words.  These first five years have been a crazy mix of tears, hugs, kisses, nightmares and scraped knees, princess crowns and sprinkles.  As she turns five years old, I sense that it’s the dawning of a new era for her.  She’s obviously much more grown up than her initial year, but beyond that there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on that makes it seem as if five years old is an epic change.

We intend to begin training her towards adulthood now.  Something to the tune of the account we read on the Frame and Poythress blog, but geared more towards a daughter.  I’ll be the first to admit that this is new territory for me, as is everything with her since she’s the oldest.  So, as usual, I will be struggling to figure it all out as I go.  However, we believe it is best to make the transition to adulthood a journey with concrete steps, goals, and tests, so that it will be obvious that she will be able to handle the responsibilities, and a time for celebration when she (and her brothers) do reach that stage of life.

For now, while she’s still four these last few hours, I will simply choose to remember and celebrate all that God has blessed us with through her.

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Happy Birthday


Gusford just turned 3!  I can hardly believe it.  He is the sweetest child who truly lives up to his name.  In lieu of a party this time, I wanted to have as many enjoyable experiences with family and friends as possible.  So there were dinners, doughnuts, superheroes, and a trip to the farm spread out over the whole month of October. Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

My mom recently asked me out of the blue if I was pregnant.  I was quite shocked.  I mean, I just had a baby three (almost four) months ago.  She then began asking about my friends.  I had to know why and to my surprise it was because my baby name book had been left out.

This book has turned heads before.  It’s how Will Jackson knew we were having Bug.  (And it was on a shelf when he saw it.)  On the other hand, I have had one family member walk into my home and use the bathroom right after I had taken a positive test and left it out on the counter.  This person was completely oblivious, and very surprised when we told her a few months later.

So let me set things straight.  I love onomastics.  Go ahead and use a dictionary if you need to look it up.  It will make you smarter.  So, if I meet someone whose name I don’t know the meaning of, I will look it up within the day.

So the baby name book is out on occasion. Continue reading


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Just Found This Little Gem:



Not personally being afraid of clowns myself, even this guy made me jump a bit.  So, I thought I’d share.  We still have the couch, thankfully not that clown.

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Dentist vs. Delivery

Went to the dentist today, and while I have a wonderfully talented un-sadistic one, I still HATE it.  The thought crossed my mind that I would rather be in labor than stay there to have holes drilled in my teeth.  That started a mental distraction of comparing the two, which may have been God’s answer to my prayer to “Just get me through this, please.”


So, without further ado-

Top Ten Similarities of Having a Baby and Having Dental Work

10. Most people want some form of pain control.

  • In my case, the epidural with Bug only took on my left side, and today they had to stick me 5 times to get the right nerve.  I’m wired all sorts of crazy.  One time the anesthesia numbed my eye and not my teeth.

9. You’re inevitably hungry afterward and have limited menu options.

  • Can’t chew much after dental work, and you are at the mercy of the hospital cafeteria after the birth unless you have nice family members.

8. When you walk into the room, there is a daunting display of sharp silver instruments lined up on blue paper.

  • Whether you realize it or not, that blue paper winds up with red splotches all over it in both places.

7. Relaxation techniques are helpful if you can remember how to do one.

  • Friend, “Just go to your happy place.”
  • Me, “I don’t know where that is!!!”
  • Friend, “Try Orlando.” (She knows me well.)

6. There’s a high likelihood some part of your body will stay unpleasantly numb afterward.

5.  Lots of stretching and pulling going on.

4. You can never adequately see what is being done to you.

  • (And that’s probably a good thing.)

3. The person whose face you desperately search for signs of hope/terror is always covered with a mask and goggles.

  • I think they also practice not showing any emotion.  Seriously, is that a class offered in your medical degree plan, Stoicism 101?

2.  You’re going to “feel some pressure”.

1. They can’t get anything done until you “Open a bit wider, please.”


The main difference is that with labor you are handed a beautiful sweet child who makes it all worthwhile, and with the dentist, you are handed a bill.

Here’s hoping the home birth I’m planning this time will have few, if any, similarities.

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Writer’s Block

I have found that Facebook has severely decreased my writing productivity, both in blog and traditional form.  I have become satisfied with short quips about my day, and traded such for deeper, meaningful, detailed paragraphs about my life.  There is so much going on in my life right now that deserves to be written down, regardless of who reads it. So,  I have taken a Facebook break, for this and other reasons.  However, my blog thankfully automatically publishes to my FB page, so you will still be hearing from me.  As I have been updating and organizing this blog, some posts have come out of “private” status to be published and legible on FB.  They may be older than you think, so do not jump to any strange conclusions.  I will try to edit them as necessary to prevent this to begin with.  I will be attempting to write in some form every day, so it will still appear as though I am very active on the internet.  I just hope that it is in a more meaningful manner.  Thanks!  I also intend to catch up on the life books for Bug and Gus and now Poppy.  I found Bug’s in the garage, covered in dust and not updated since before she was born.  I have a lot of catching up to do!

Stay tuned for posts on:

  • How I feel about leaving my first “home” church.
  • How I feel about the new CRC church plant.
  • Christmas
  • What the next person to mention Santa Claus to my kids may get an ear-full of.

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